Jul 29, 2009

Some good comment on ER6N

Possibly the most under rated bike.

The Kawasaki ER6 motorcycle is a great all-rounder able to fit into all road environments as a capable machine. For the size of this machine, it’s no light weight at 190kg wet, but steers, brakes, accelerates way above expectations. It is so easy to ride, I highly recommend this for new, or returned riders, or as handy commuter. This is one I’ve decided to keep for commuting, stunts, & a spare loan bike for friends.

Kawasaki ER6 Motor: 

This motor is a real pearler. A 649cc parallel twin fuel injected that revs over 11,000 rpm with surprising smoothness, with acceleration that really impressers, taking it quickly to an indicated top speed over 200KPH. The engine management is faultless, from the crack of the throttle to the limiter. This is the most controllable engine I have ever experienced. The smoothness of this motor is unmatched by any twin I’ve ever ridden, being the only bike that doesn’t cause fatigue & numbness of my right hand. I’ve seen no need to do any modifications other than to cut open the muffler & make it freer flowing. Fuel economy is better than any bike I’ve owned this decade, getting up to 270Km before the light comes on still having up to 60Km left from the 15.5 litre tank.

Kawasaki ER6 Suspension:

The front & rear suspension is nothing to rave about… It has no adjustments, other than spring preload on the rear, which I have on the hardest setting. While it is only just adequate, it works ok, & the bike handles great with no hint of tank slap over the roughest of roads. I’ve even taken it on many gravel & dirt roads of the north NSW boarder forest national parks, leaving my mates on their duel purpose machines for dead.


From the first time I rode this motorcycle, I new it was gunna be easy to ride on one wheel. It is simply the most controllable wheelie bike I have ever ridden. It can be clutch up from stand-still, or, on the move in 1st 2nd & even 3rd if you are aggressive enough. It will wheelie straight of the throttle, if you jerk on the bars in 1st, & while on balance I manage changing through to 4th gear. While the rear guard is standard, I’ve totally worn away the reflector from scraping on the road when going past balance & riding the rear brake, & it is also easy to steer on one wheel.


While the brakes are adequate, the rear wheel is easily lifted with hard braking, although I did replace the front brake pads with Metal Gear” full sintered pads, which improved the brakes making stoppies much less effort. With the crap rear shock, landing the back wheel can be harsh, bottoming out pretty hard with a loud bang. While this bike is totally standard, apart from pads, I’m even able to pull off good “left handed stoppies” on this one.


This motorbike smokes it up quite good by standing on the pegs & dropping the clutch at 9,000RPM with a finger on the front brake, although you need to keep the rear spinning fast so as not to let it start gripping. While I’ve been able to keep it spinning to 4th gear, it’s not real easy to steer it exactly where you want.

If you’re looking for something to learn to stunt, the Kawasaki ER6 might be the best choice for you.

All in all, I’ve had a lot of fun on this motorcycle, & have no intentions of selling it in the future.

Try to get yourself a test ride on this one!!!  


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