Sep 30, 2010

Another review between ER6N and his Brother ER6F

Text by Janie Omorogbe

Kawasaki’s little ER-6n and ER-6f are urban twins, distinguished apart by one’s nakedness and the other’s stylish bodywork. There wasn’t an awful lot wrong with these bikes in the first place, but Kawasaki are keen to keep both updated and have tweaked them to suit the current economic climate.

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Sep 19, 2010

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The ER-6n gets a vestigial flyscreen around its headlight or instrument pod, but for the most part the fairing of this naked style .the clean, size-efficient engine delivers good fuel economy and also meets stringent emission regulations, thanks to its precise fuel-injection and a three-way catalyzer system. The key to the ER-6n’s slender size is its compact liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, DOHC 8-valve 649cc parallel-twin engine, which permits the use of a narrow, lightweight frame. Its fuel injection settings grant the engine plenty of bottom-end torque and smooth low-mid rpm response. Its coolant is routed to the cylinder and head through the engine cases, reducing the number of hoses and simplifying the cooling system.

The instrument cluster is uniquely stacked with a sharp design and easy layout from the analog speedometer to the multi-function LCD screen. The instrumentation features include a fuel gauge, bar-style digital tachometer, clock, odometer and dual trip meters. Besides the rubber coating on the footpegs, the passenger also benefits from the easy to reach aluminum grab rails — nothing like a relaxed passenger to allow the rider to fully enjoy the ER-6n’s friendly ergonomics and versatile cockpit.

Quite simply, this is a motorcycle that both novice and experienced riders can be at home on and equally comfortable employing its assets to the fullest, whether it be navigating urban environs or enjoying a weekend canyon run.



• Liquid-cooled, DOHC, 8-valve fuel-injected twin cylinder delivers smooth, responsive performance, especially in the low to medium rpm range
• Excellent mid-range power, exceptional roll-on response and impressive passing performance make even commuter traffic enjoyable
• Silky smooth engine vibes via a 180° crankshaft-driven balancer shaft, which in turn drives the water pump
• Oil jets on the connecting rod big ends spray oil on the undersides of the pistons to aid cooling
• Lightweight plug-mounted ignition coils deliver a hot spark and save space
• Wide radiator offers plenty of cooling efficiency
• Coolant routing travels directly to the engine cases, then on to the cylinder and head through internal passages, which keeps external plumbing to a minimum
• Fine-tuned shift lever position is easy to use

• Fuel injection settings permit healthy bottom-end torque while letting the engine rev fast
• Sub-throttle valve equipped 38mm Keihin throttle bodies offer optimum performance and rideability
• Located behind the main throttle valves, the sub-throttles are controlled by the DFI® system ECU for a precise throttle response, similar to a constant-velocity carburetor
• Auto-fast idle system simplifies starting and helps ensure the catalyzer reaches optimum temperature quickly
• The lightweight fuel pump is mounted inside the fuel tank.

• Powerful twin-cylinder engine is the most compact in its category, which helps reduce the dimension of the entire motorcycle and allows use of a slim, minimalist frame
• Triangular setup of the crankshaft and transmission shafts makes the engine short front-to-back
• Transmission input shaft, output shaft and change drum are contained in a “cassette”-style package that allows a compact layout and eases transmission maintenance chores

• Semi-dry sump design reduces engine height
• Plated, linerless aluminum cylinders with a narrow cylinder pitch keep the engine light and slim

• Efficient fuel injection and a three-way catalyzer inside the exhaust produce very low emissions, able to pass the stringent Euro-III emission regulations
• Utilizes a compact and light 300-cell catalyzer unit
• Under-engine muffler placement improves mass centralization and the bike’s low center of gravity
• The exhaust pipe bend and under-engine muffler arrangement contribute to the ER-6n’s attractive styling

• Rubber upper-rear engine mounts decrease the vibration transferred to the rider through the seat
• Handlebar is rubber-mounted to lessen vibration transmitted through the handle grips
• Rider and passenger footpegs are rubber coated to further reduce vibration

• Frame has all the key ER-6n elements — slim, low, lightweight and compact design that is narrow at the knees and footpegs for rider comfort and control
• The strong, high-tensile steel trellis frame not only looks lightweight, it is — rivaling that of aluminum frames
• Balanced rigidity, achieved through extensive 3D analysis, translates directly into superb handling
• The frame, rear suspension and swingarm designs flow together with an integrated line running from the steering head to the rear hub
• Short front-to-back dimensions of the engine allow for a long swingarm and a short wheelbase combination that contributes to the light and nimble handling

• Swingarm stiffness adds balance to the frame’s rigidity — due primarily to the rubber engine mounts
• The D-shaped cross-section swingarm, stabilizer, chain adjuster design and elegant one-piece rider/passenger footpeg stays complement the ER-6n’s high-quality appearance

• Front and rear suspension settings match the frame and swingarm rigidity values for lighter, rider-friendly handling
• Shape of the 41mm fork lower ends around the axle shaft adds to the bike’s performance and high quality image

• An ideal handlebar, seat and footpeg relationship results in a comfortable and natural riding position suiting a wide range of riders
• Frame narrows just aft of the fuel tank enabling a slimmer seat, making the reach to the ground even easier
• The offset single-shock rear suspension layout with the battery located beside the shock instead of beneath it allows a lower seat height as well
• Low seat height and slim overall design make it easy to plant both feet firmly on the ground when stopped
• Aluminum passenger grips are positioned and shaped for easy grabbing by the passenger

• Angular, stacked dual headlight and shroud contribute to the ER-6n’s masculine image and features two-position lights
• Headlights can be adjusted behind the headlight cover
• Reinforcing the ER-6n’s masculine styling, the sharp, edgy radiator shrouds feature integrated front turn signals with clear lenses and orange bulbs and forward-leaning lines
• A flush-surface fuel cap and its sharp-edged motif give the tank a distinctive look
• The ER-6n’s compact front-to-rear appearance is enhanced by the short front cowl, short rear cowl with its LED tail light and shrouds that start behind the front fork
• Finishing out the bike’s aggressive image is a sharp tail cowl design featuring a slimmer rear mud flap and turn signals that can also function as hazard lights
• A long front fender keeps the water splashing to a minimum and its two-tone design matches the ER-6n’s light, compact theme
• An inner rear fender helps keep the underside of the tail cowl clean
• Storage options include four tie-down hooks for baggage or a spare helmet to be secured to the seat and a storage space under the seat with room for a U-lock or similar device

• Mirror design is a similar supersport style and offers an unparalleled rear view

• Dual 300mm front petal disc brakes with twin 27mm piston front brake calipers and a single 220mm rear petal disc deliver plenty of braking power
• Housed in a curved brake master cylinder reservoir , the front brake lever utilizes an optimized ball-joint and pivot location to deliver smooth actuation of its 14mm master cylinder piston

• Attractive six-spoke supersport-style wheels augment the bike’s light look while reducing unsprung weight

• Stacked instrument cluster has a sharp design and clean layout with an analog speedometer that uses white LED backlights for excellent visibility at night
• The multi-function LCD screen has amber backlighting and its features include a fuel gauge, bar-style digital tachometer, clock, odometer and dual trip meters
• Inner cover inside the front cowl provides a clean appearance in this area
• Handlebar mount design and curved shapes on the brake master cylinder reservoir and clutch lever contribute further to the ER-6n’s masculine appearance


Engine: Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, four-valve per cylinder, parallel twin

Displacement: 649 cc

Bore x Stroke: 83.0 x 60.0 mm

Compression Ratio: 11.3:1

Cooling System: Liquid

Fuel System: Digital fuel injection with two 38mm Keihin throttle bodies

Ignition: Digital CDI

Transmission: Six-speed

Final Drive: O-Ring Chain

Frame Type: Semi-double cradle, high-tensile steel

Rake/Trail: 24.5 degrees/4.0 in.

Front Tire Size: 120/70-17

Rear Tire Size: 160/60-17

Wheelbase: 55.3 in.

Front Suspension / Wheel Travel: 41mm hydraulic telescopic fork / 4.7 in.

Rear Suspension / Wheel Travel: Single offset laydown shock with adjustable spring preload / 4.9 in.

Front Brakes: Dual 300mm Petal Disc with 2-Piston Caliper

Rear Brakes: Single 220mm Petal Disc with hydraulic caliper

Fuel Capacity: 4.1 gal.

Seat Height: 29.7 in.

Curb Weight: 441.0 lbs.

Overall Length: 82.7 in.

Overall Width: 29.9 in.

Overall Height: 43.3 in.

Color Choices: Metallic Flat Spark Black

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Atau pasang DynoJet di Sunvay Cycle, PJ

Majalah motor , rasanye Motor Culture ada keluarkan iklan bagi alat ni, khas utk motor ER6N/F/Versys yg sama enjinnya. Harge RM990 tapi memang ketara ke bezanya sebelum dan selepas??

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Mr Ah Hoi ni is one of the EMM1 Concoy to London baru-baru ni...

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Next step : Merancang nak tukar Hyper pro spring...

Bila semak balik post saya sebelum-sebelum nih, mencari apa lagi modification yg saya nak buat selepas nih, lalu saya terjumpalah yg ni - tukar hyperpro spring .

Mula-mula saya post 1 thread fasal ni (seperti di bawah) di forum FERNO, mengharapkan respon dari members, BUT sampai hari ni, rasanya dah lepas 10 hari, takde sesape pun yg reply lagi..

HyperPro Spring Kits:

In a perfect world the suspension of your motorbike would react differently every time. The top half of the spring would be supple and would react flexibly to absorb small bumps and irregularities instantly. As the spring compresses, it becomes more rigid so even large bumps and holes in a road surface will not cause the suspension to bottom out.
For cost-efficiency reasons, new motorbikes are equipped with linear springs. Compressing the top half of this type of spring takes just as much force as compressing the bottom half. The result is that the top of the spring is in fact too rigid and the bottom too supple.
Fortunately, this perfect world does exist. Hyperpro produces progressive springs whereby the top half is easily compressible and compression of the bottom half is much harder. This results in a perfect set-up for every situation. A number of benefits are mentioned below:

Improved braking distance
Whenever you apply the brakes, the pressure on the front wheel increases. Regular springs cause the bike to dive causing the brakes to become less effective. With progressive Hyperpro springs the bike takes less of a dive, the rate of resistance increases which results in an improved braking distance. Not only is this faster on the circuit, it is also safer on the public highway!

Improved motoring performance
Small bumps and irregularities in the road surface get absorbed immediately, large bumps or holes are intercepted by the more rigid part of the spring. This results in perfect harmony between control and comfort.

No resonance
A linear spring has a specific frequency and therefore, could resonate at that particular frequency. Resonance is not only very annoying it can also be dangerous. Progressive springs do not have a frequency so therefore never resonate; an obvious difference!

Always a perfect setup

Progressive springs always adjust themselves instantly to changing circumstances. If you carry a passenger on your motorbike, the spring should provide more resistance and this is certainly the case with progressive springs. Hyperpro progressive springs even respond to the amount of petrol left in your tank.
We believe in our product and therefore offer a lifetime warranty against breakage. Tests have proved that even after driving a million kilometres our progressive springs maintain the same characteristics.
Hyperpro progressive springs are available for almost all modern bikes as front kit, rear kit and combi kit. A combi kit consists of progressive springs: front and back, fork oil, stickers and a practical user guide. In addition to step-by-step installation instructions, this user guide provides useful tips for optimal adjustment of your bike springs.